Aniket Motale

goameI am Aniket Motale, an IT process consultant working in an IT firm in Pune.

I belong to place called Aurangabad in Maharashtra and staying in Pune from 2005. By education I am an electronics engineer and MBA (IT). I have developed my interests in ecology, sustainable development, ecological economics, nature restoration, product up-cycling, organic farming, permaculture in past few years through many books I read, videos I saw and lectures I attended; but the main turning point was the – the PG Diploma in “Sustainable management of natural resources and Nature restoration” from ecological society of Pune.

This changed my vision towards world. Also the books like – Small is beautiful, Corporation 2020, Monoculture of minds, Churning the earth, The third curve etc. has added lots of different views in my learning.

My aim is to come out of this rat race of meaning less materialistic consumption based life style and start with new life-style or living, away from cities, in the abode of nature, growing my own food, practicing Yoga and emerge into this ecological and spiritual growth journey.

I am targeting to achieve this in 5-6 years; not sure how much time it will take in reality; but that’s the dream.