Charlotte Anthony (2015) - Permaculture Consultant

I met Charlotte Anthony at Sapna Ranch this year (2015). She is a Permaculture Consultant looking at working on Dry Land Farms here in India as that is what she has trained with. Developing Food forests is what she believes is the need of the hour. For more information watch this 8-minute video of hers.

Charlotte Anthony with 30 years of permaculture experience, the last 2 years working with farmers in India will be near Pune this week.

She will be working at the Tideman's place outside Pune.  It is a magnificent piece of resort-like land with several houses overlooking Lake Khadalvasla.

They are putting in vegetable gardens with special attention to diverse plantings of trees with deep legumes to allow vegetables to grow with the least amount of water and external inputs of nutrition for the most sustainable production.  They will create raised bed gardens with trenches for watering.   With the hot sun in the tropics, most crops need somewhat Mr. Palekar calls dancing shadows.  Without this the plant either produces a lot less or by increasing water, you can compensate for too much Sun. Planting trees with the vegetables allow maximum production with the least water.