Intro to Permaculture - 29th and 30th

Dates 29th and 30th August 2015
Time: 9am to 5pm

Location: Aiyor Bai Farm (Approx 55 km from Hyderabad, directions will be provided only to registered participants Please arrange own transport, use public transport or carpool which we will help coordinate)

Resource Persons: Madhu Reddy and Aiyor Bai friends!

What is Permaculture?

The word comes from “Permanent Agriculture”, but also implies the need for a permanent culture based on interlinked systems as a counter to our current unsustainable way of life.It is a philosophy and approach to land use which works with natural rhythms and patterns, rather than against them

Introduction to Permaculture

The weekend workshop at Aiyor Bai will and aim to bring us to an introduction to Permaculture as applied to Indian Agriculture. Permaculture is a vast topic and something that cannot be taught just in two days. We will be concentrating on how its applied to farming.

In the two days we will use the farm as a starting point to understand some principles. Instead of an imaginary place we will use the location as a drawing board for discussions. This will also help when you re­visit and see changes or track progress. The idea also is to build a community of new farmers and supporters who will be involved in each others farms.

Schedule: Day 1

Introduction to the farm, history, past and current state

  • Introduction to Permaculture

  • Ethics of Permaculture

  • Principles of Permaculture

Soil Fertility

  • Current condition of soils

  • Importance of regeneration of soils

  • Methods of regeneration of soils

  • Compost making practical

* group dinner making

Day 2

  • Farm Tour

    • observe the day 1 lessons

    • check soil sample collected

  • Kitchen garden designs

  • Practical design implementation

    • making beds

    • sowing seeds, transplanting

  • Wrap up and summary

Group size 10­-12
Suggested contribution: 1000
Accommodation: Very basic. Welcome to bring tents. Image of the small house shown below

Aiyor Bai Farm

If you are a student, somebody taking a break or gap year from work, please mention in your email.


Please note that this farm is home to a family. P​lease do not carry or consume any alcohol or other narcotic substances. S​moking: would request participants who smoke to use the area behind the house . Will provide ashtray and bin for butts which should not be thrown back on the land (not biodegradable)

Please carry back all plastics/non-biodegradable items, or avoid bringing them. All compost material can be used back on the farm.


W​ill be vegetarian. Please do let us know if you have any ALLERGIES. If you use anything specific for your diet please carry mostly food that is growing on the farm will be cooked.


Day 1 ­ Lunch, Tea, Dinner
Day 2 ­ Breakfast, Tea, Lunch

Please bring with you

  • All personal toiletries (bio if possible)

  • Bed sheet

  • Towel

  • Hat

  • Bottle for water (filtered bore water is available)

  • Note pad/pen etc

  • Shoes for farm

  • Torch

  • Ear plugs

  • ALL your medications etc


If you can carry rolled mattress/sleeping mat it would be great. Will try and arrange with our village neighbours but if you can carry please do so.


  • Please do not use toilet paper in bathroom flush. Old septic tank system

  • Hot water will be available.

  • Western toilet

Sleeping arrangement

There are two covered rooms and a balcony space and terrace. Basic Accommodations


Please send email with all your intent and interest to What are your expectations, whether you are working on land currently etc. Please share your phone number, location etc. We hope folks can carpool.

If you can transfer the fee online you can deposit in following account or pay in person.

Account number: 62098203926
Bank name: State bank of Hyderabad
Branch name : Gunfoundry Branch {20066}
MSB /NR/C SBHY0020066