This November, Come Grow with Us!


Dear Sulins Community

Do you want to join the fastest-growing, world-wide movement working
to restore damaged ecosystems and human communities? 

Gain practical experience in sustainable agriculture
by one of India's leading experts?

Spend two weeks waking up with yoga, meditation, and healing
on a beautiful, secluded farm?

Then please join us November 14th to November 26th for our
Permaculture Design and Conscious Living course
Just 90 minutes from Mumbai


This permaculture-in-action course equips students with the skills to create abundant and resilient farms and homes. The course has an emphasis on hands-on learning, with students designing, building and implementing sustainable food, water, waste and energy systems. It also leverages yoga, meditation and personal healing sessions to fully connect with nature and ourselves.

Our primary instructor, Narsanna Koppula is the first and most renowned permaculture pioneer in India. For nearly three decades, his work has empowered thousands of rural communities through sustainable livelihoods and environments. Narsanna will be supported by Ashwin Mohan, Nath Yogi and Healer for 30 years, as well as a team of sustainable designers, engineers and farming experts.

This course follows the internationally recognized PDC Curriculum, with a specific focus on: food forest & orchard design, building soil and fertility, watershed management and erosion control, water harvesting / greywater systems, drought proofing / climate change resilience, earthworks, building biodiversity, appropriate technologies; and yoga, meditation and ayurveda for restoring the natural harmony of your body and mind.

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