Reiki Workshop

Reiki - A powerful yet simple technique to heal self and others. Best part of Reiki is, since it comes directly from 'THE GOD!THE SOURCE!' It has its own intelligence. One need not worry about giving too much or too little. Each one of us receives Reiki as much is required to heal oneself

Reiki Level -1 is for self-healing and well-being, and also to use for your friends and family.

2 Day Workshop of Level - 1 includes:

• Understanding Energy and its uses in daily life.

• The Reiki Principles.

• Understanding of Chakras and Aura

• Guided meditations and energy exercises.

• Clairsenses and exercises to fine tune them

• Attunement into Reiki Level -1

  • Techniques to cleanse your own energy field.
    Hand positions for giving a hands on treatment for self and others.