How can our shared leadership safeguard the future of Goa? Participatory Leadership Training Intensive

Hello Sullins!

We warmly invite you to join us in Goa in November for a heartfelt  5-day participatory leadership and active citizenship learning retreat by the sea! : ) 

3 day Art of Hosting training (6th-8th November) 

+ 1-day proposal making and consent decision making (Sociocracy - 9th Nov)

+ 1-day mobile video journalism (10th Nov) 

Whilst the context of the training will be Goa, all can benefit from this community leadership approach and we already have people joining from Delhi, Mumbai and other parts of India.

Stay with us in Xaviers Retreat House (Baga - photo attached) for a full immersion including morning presence practice and evening storytelling.

Click here to view the flyer attached and more info

Here is a 2 mins video:

Interview with Shivangi Vashistha after a participatory leadership introduction day in Delhi, April 2016 from Toke Moeller on Vimeo.

Feel free to also check out

We hope some of you will join us for this wonderful learning opportunity by the sea!

Joanna (please feel free to message privately with any questions!)

Why are we doing this?

We are a Goa-based group of human beings and active citizens, practicing a participatory leadership approach called "The Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations that Matter"  - Its a way for groups to share leadership and self-organise using participatory methods - It also nurtures a social field of peace, respect, connectedness and co-creation as we work together to change our world for the better : ) "Together consciousness" as one Goan village community leader called it.

Once training is done you are an apprentice and can immediately practice hosting participatory meetings in communities and organizations and teams. The 6000+ international online community is very supportive and generous with their time and wisdom to support apprenticeship learning.

We feel this is the leadership need of our time  - how to be a team who can hold a space where different voices are welcome can lead to peaceful creative democratic dialogue and compassionate action. We have had wonderful experiences and results practicing with eg. village meetings in Goa, tourist boat operators and WWF, corporate brainstorming in Hyderabad, etc.

We want to make this approach as available as possible : )