Sadhana Forest

The main project of Sadhana Forest is the reforestation of 70 acres of severely eroded land. We are working to recreate the Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest indigenous to our area. This forest type is found only in Southern India and Sri Lanka and provides a rare biological richness due to its very high species abundance (over 1000 species of trees, shrubbery, and liana). The Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest is now close to total extinction as only 0.01% survives.

This is a last moment effort to keep this very rich and beautiful forest on earth. As part of our indigenous reforestation effort, we are also working on water conservation and soil management.

Sadhana Forest includes people of all ages in the process of ecological revival and the experience of sustainable living.

Sadhana Forest's work is supported through donations and volunteer work efforts.

Sadhana Forest - Greening the Planet from the Grassroots from brainfever on Vimeo.