Panchavati Karumandurai

Panchavati Karumandurai is a self-sustaining Farm Community.

This community named Panchavati is an attempt in re-introducing a Vedic alternative, which will be an agrarian, self-sufficient and eco-friendly community with Simple Living, High Thinking as its motto. The members will get an opportunity to pursue their livelihood in a manner spiritual, close to nature and use this stable environment as a spring board to pursue the highest perfection of human life.

The community will endeavor to show that by living a common goal-centered life, based on simple living, one can become very happy, peaceful and gradually self-realized. The Community is set up to bring a paradigm shift from the modern economy based on individualistic and self-centered living which leads to improper allocation of resources and exploitation. This is best adjusted if the traditional village type set up is brought in where the entire community of people lives in a close-knit fashion depending on each other for their various needs thereby forming a pool of families run by mutual trust and co-operation.

This Panchavati project also envisions to farm one such big village type set- up with various activities of the community will be shared by community members who work collectively to achieve self-sustenance.

Currently, there is no 'permaculture' design in place. But we are in the progress of devising some useful modifications, by adapting the principles in Permaculture way.
  • Swales
  • Better mulching
  • Adjusting the current elements and making better zones
  • much more

Contact us

Mobile: +91 7708804224
Location: Karumandurai, Salem, Tamil Nadu
Name: Sarvesvara Dasa