A conversation with Kailash Murthy on Natural Farming (2011)

Kailash Murthy, like all other farmers used fertilizers and pesticides as specified by the agricultural experts. He proudly displayed a record yield in his neighborhood. But to his dismay, he observed that the yield grew less and less each year.

A bank employee by profession and farmer by conviction observed that intensive artificial inputs like fertilizers and chemicals decreased the soil fertility, increased soil erosion and destroyed the food chain of predator and prey population.

He stumbled upon the book, One Straw Revolution, written by a Japanese farmer Masanobu Fukuoka a pioneer in natural farming. The book inspired him to further read the Shastras. Reading the Shastras reveled that India was not new to natural farming. Many Rishes grew their entire food around the ashram with out ploughing. They believed food grown without ploughing is healthier.

So he gave the established farming a break and left the Land to itself, no tilling, no chemical fertilizer, and no use of pesticides, in short, nothing accept scattering of seed at random.

Surprisingly within two years the transformation was remarkable. The natural balance of soil was restored and the 6.5 acres of land transformed itself into a mini forest, a self sustaining eco system.

He was kind enough to talk to us and share with us his experience and wisdom to help more people switch to Natural Farming. Enjoy his wonderful insights in this short 22 minute interview.

To contact Kailash Murthy send email to: kailashnatufarm@gmail.com