Back to the Land UnConference Pune

This event was been inspired by the Back to the Land UnConference that took place in Chennai in August 2013.

The second leg of that event took place on 12-13 July 2014. An idea was shared that parallel events can take place in other locations. So, some volunteers in Pune took it up and did it a week later, on 19-20 July 2014.

This is an UnConference to bring together people who want to transition to a sustainable lifestyle, living closer to nature. It is a great opportunity to connect with people who are already on this path or dreaming about it. Please come to meet wonderful people, ask questions, share experiences and knowledge with each other, or, if you like, to just observe!

There is a plan to have a similar one done at Vanvadi for the Mumbai residents and shall be announced soon for you to register.

See the video for highlights of the program.