GeoSymphony, Sapna Ranch

The community name is GeoSymphony. The current location is called Sapna Ranch. Sapna Ranch is a proof of concept site for the community. The main goal of the community is to create, operate and enhance an Experience Based Holistic Learning Environment (EBHLE). For more information see website -

While the learning environment focuses on Learning Without Borders (no age, gender, race etc discrimination) its main focus is going to be children. The entire set-up and operation of this community will be self funded with self-sustainability being one of the guiding principles.

Revenue generation for sustainability will be through organic farming, animal husbandry, consulting on Eco-Construction and Eco-Energy, Agro-tourism, Management and Personality development programs.

If you'd like join, volunteer and participate, please visit the website & register yourself for the next workshop or visit to the farm.


Hasmukh Sapnawala's Farm, Terdi Village, Mandangad, Maharashtra 415203 India


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