The Kelkar Farm

My project is to create two Sustainable Earth ships on a farm.

The first earth ship will be created using the following local materials:
- Bamboo
- Mud
- Cow Dung
- Red Earth
- Mangalore Tiles
- Grass
- Waste materials: Tires, Plastic Bottles, Glass Bottles

This will have a Cob Oven & Rocket Stove.

The 2nd earth ship will be a Geodesic Dome with the following materials:
- Bamboo
- Grass
- Mangalore Tiles
- Cow Dung

We will be making the two Indian Compost toilets. These will be external toilets away from the earth's ships.

The garden will have the following fruits grown:
- Chicco
- Mango
- Cashew
- Pineapple
- Custard Apple
- Coconut

And the following vegetables:
- Cabbage
- Pudina (Mint)
- Palak
- Green Chilli
- Tomatoes
- Gawar (cluster beans)
- Radish
- Carrot
- Potatoes
- Onions
- Brinjal (Eggplant)

- Rose
- Jasmine
- Marigold

What I need
- Volunteers


AT Uddhar Post Khawali
Taluka Sudhagad
Dist. Raigad

150 km from Mumbai
130 km from Pune

Google Map


Get to either the following stops and take a bus from

Khopoli (Pune Bombay Expressway NH4) to Pali - 30 minutes
Bus fare to Pali (Rs. 50 approx)

Nagothane (Bombay Goa Highway NH17) to Pali - 15 minutes
Bus fare to Pali (Rs. 50 approx)

At Pali take a Rickshaw to Uddhar (Rs. 15 approx)

Food & Accommodation
- Get sleeping bags & tents
- Get a torch & shoes
- There is no electricity at the farm, but mobiles can be charged at this house in the village.
- Simple and basic food will be cooked and served. Type of food: Bhakri (Rice, Wheat, Nachni, Bajri) & Dal - Rs. 150 per day will help cover costs for food.
- You can use the toilet in the house at the village (1.5 km from the farm) or go to the woods nearby
- You can take a shower in the house in the village OR in the river

- The closest town is Pali which is 7km which has a small hospital, but we suggest you get your own medication as there are no pharmacies in the farm/village.
- There is a river near the farm which is about 3-4 feet deep and great for taking a swim.
- There are hot springs about 6km from the farm.
- There is a dam about 3 km from the farm
- There is a cybercafe at Pali which you can use to check email