Sustainable Cow

Below Course is designed for those who have understood our master plan

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Sustainable Cow: a 31 Days course to achieve Complete Sustainability with cow centered life.

Enthusiastic Cow lovers,

We have finally come up with a 31 days Unique course based on Cows.

We will cover following Topics along with Practicals:


Part 1 :-

  1. Complete understanding  on manufacturing Cow Products like Medicines ,Soaps , Shampoos , Panchgavya , Cosmetics , Vedic Ghee , Go ark etc

  2. Complete understanding  on diagnosis of cow related diseases and how to cure cows and all natural and emergency medicines.

  3. How to help cows when giving birth to calf and how to help cows for mating bulls.

  4. How to choose breeding & Farming bulls and good milking cows .

  5. How to set up and new Goshala and all its Pros and cons.

  6. Various Composting methods based on Cow dung and Urine.

  7. More topics as per demand can be added

Part 2:-
Cow care management will include

  1. Milk production in the udder of a cow-30 min

  2. Ahimsa milk-30 min+ QA session

  3. Cost of production of cow’s milk -30 min+ QA session

  4. An understanding on the digestive system of a cow-30 min+ QA session

  5. Management of Feeding of cows-30 min + QA session

  6. Holistic understanding of Cow protection 45 min+ QA session

  7. Shelter for cows-30 min + QA session

  8. Surabhi-the holistic healer

Part 3

Varnasharama & Organic Farming


Names of the Faculties.

Ganashyam Das  founder Go Seva Brand

He served as Monk at ISKCON for 10 years and Later 10 plus years as Cow Sevak at Jasdan.

Gaushala belongs to the King of Jasdan while he manages and runs it with his team and also manufacturers all cow products in the same place.

Gaushala has 125 cows and only 17 are milking while rest are just dunging and urinating.

They make a revenue of $17,000 or 10 Lakhs rupees per month by selling all cow products and with just few laborers.

They are Most Profitable Gaushala known to us .

He will  cover manufacturing cow products aspect of the course


Nitya Bhakti devi dasi

She will cover Diagnosis of Human diseases and their natural solutions with cow therapy.
Ds Satyajit kumar Khachar  (King of Jasdan)

His Highness has agreed to cover various aspects and pros and cons of Setting Up Goshalas

Gautam Dhadhar

He will cover Breeding/Mating/Choosing Good Milking cows aspect of the course

Dr Patel

Composting with cow dung

Dr Sree Kumar and Kala Mataji

Cow Care Management

Namacharya prabhu

How to cure patient through panchagvya

Dr Yogi 

Situation of Cow related policies

Shri Shri Anirudh Punvatkar

Organic Farming


Course commences on 1 may 2015 at Jasdan near Rajkot.Course will be in English / Hindi  / Gujarati

Course timings will be early morning and late afternoon while 10 am to 4 pm will be free time and you will be allowed to access/work and use  WiFi internet which is 1 Mbps and above.

3 times Unlimited Vaishnav food is included in the course fee and you can also cook separately as per your need , we will allow you access after permission for the management.

Your accommodation is separate expense and we can discuss it over the phone based on rentals of nearby hotels/houses.

Cost of accommodation is Roughly $5 to $50 per day depending on your preference ac/non ac rooms.

For those with limited budget, we recommend standard non ac rooms with twin sharing which will cost $10 per day person.

We are still working on cheaper options so once we have all bookings confirmed we will update on that information.

We are organizing such a course for the first time so there is strong possibility it can finish even in 21 days or 25 days but 31 days is maximum time frame based on the grasping ability of students .

You will be able to make profitable income earning source for your use for lifetime after learning.

Course will be Given by Owner of Go Seva brand which is one of the largest  manufacturer of Cow products in India.

Here is a link to their website

Concessions are possible for those who need them. Sincerity will be appreciated first.

Course Fee  inclusive

INR Rs 64000 for entire course

USD $1100

You can pay via Paypal Email: or or send a bank transfer to our bank account


Current Account Number :-0059102000017222

Borivali Branch

IFSC CODE: IBKL00 000 59
MICR CODE: 400259001


Contact us for more details about the course.

Gajanand Agarwal

+91 98 67 64 64 64

Skype: gajanandagarwal