Bee Workshop (2-4 Oct)

Were you aware of the fact that our survival as a species depends on the largesse of bees-- if bees decide to call it a day or we compel them to we dont stand much of a chance or rather we don't stand any chance.

80% of cross pollination happens thanks to bees.So if you are interested in keeping bees on your farm or terrace (up to the 3rd floor only) you need to learn how to do it .

Mr Gaukar who has worked in Pune Agricutural College and has 25 years of practical and training experience has kindly consented to teach us.
The 3 day 2 night intense residential workshop will be conducted in the surreal surroundings of Mulshi .
As we intend making this learning experience very personal and interactive we thought a small group of 10-12 would be perfect

The course would cover

  • Type of bees

  • Their role

  • Routine

  • Seasonal monthly daily management and care

  • The importance of workers, drones and the queen bee

  • Reproduction

  • Which kind of plants to grow so that they thrive

  • Which type of bees suit which crop

  • How to increase yield

  • Problems faced while rearing

  • Wax removal

  • Honey extraction

  • By products

  • And other topics

Though Mr Gaukar is conversant in English he is more comfortable in Hindi.He will translate into English when required. Questions may be fielded in English.

The cost of the course including accommodation/meals has been kept to the bare minimum of Rs 3500. You will have to make your own travel plans. Maybe a pool system could be arranged once we know who is coming from where.

Mulshi is at its glorious best end September so we thought 2nd 3rd 4th of October would be a great time to learn and witness nature in all her splendor.

Photographs of the place and accommodation will be posted on face book shortly.

Look forward to a beetiful experience.

Kavita Berry
Mob: +91-9820328842