Reiki Healing

I have heard people mentioning about their brief connect with Reiki. Either they took a session or learnt Reiki but it didn’t work for them. They believed that once they have taken a session it should have worked on its own for them and clear out all that they have been struggling for long. To some extent Reiki does work in cleansing the system deeply, yet it needs an active change of attitude and approach towards life. Trust is the major component in getting healed.

I have also heard people saying after the session their issues or pain have worsened. Learning with Reiki and healing with Reiki does not mean that one is cured 100%. Healing does not happen overnight (almost never happens if we apply our logical mind to it) though it can help in relieving from aches and pains at the superficial level. It takes some time as inner work is being done and shifts taking place in the life of the person being healed. It can be an uncomfortable process to start with.

If you look at it as a long pending spring cleaning, you will be able to understand it in a better manner. At first you would dread to even start the process of cleaning because you don’t even know where to start from, so you keep delaying. Then there will come a time when you will get up and tell yourself ‘Enough is enough! Now I better take charge of it and start cleaning up.

You reach out to the room, your closet, cabinet, drawers which is crowded, messy, cluttered with filled with junk. When you have to this cleaning first thing you had to do is to pull out all the junk and that looks messy, very messy. The whole place is upside down and this scenario doesn’t look so good. You feel what you got yourself into. Now when you are doing this cleaning you might want to cling to those things that have certain memories attached to it, you might not want to throw that out though you know it is not required in your life and it is only taking space in your cupboard. You might just want to be with it for a while. May be you would just put everything back. Here you have a choice to either clean it or put it back in your drawer/closet/ room. When you stay with the things and put them back in your cupboard the whole exercise becomes futile as you end up with the same junk with you.

When you carefully sort out by cleaning, dusting things which are required and throw away things which are of no use any more. You get back your beautiful, clean, wonderful looking place back to yourself.

When we get attuned it often triggers a long term healing crisis within us. It’s a process and takes some time, especially when we have had many years of dysfunction or illness in our lives. We must allow time for Reiki to reach to deepest level of our issues and clear all that is not required for our highest and the best. It took many years to build up the memories and traumas associated with the issues we are dealing with. Letting go of those traumas, creating new patterns & memories also take time and can be painful. It is cathartic in nature and if we allow the flow in our lives, it can be uncomfortable in the beginning but peaceful, joyous, wondrous, magical by the end of it.

If you have been taking Reiki sessions or have been attuned in Reiki and that has brought in discomfort in your life, start looking for signs, possibilities and understand where they could come from. Allow yourself to clear out layers of old you and welcome the possibilities and wonders of New YOU.

Ask for the guidance from the Universe and be assured that it will be given to you :)

Swati Mishra ( Energy Healer and Reiki Master)