How can we come together with authenticity to co-create change

Dear Friends,

I am super excited to be inviting 3 Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations that matter practitioners to Goa in March from Australia to deliver a 3-day training:

Art of Hosting and Harvesting conversations that Matter - The Art of Participatory Leadership SAVE THE DATE - 18-20th March

Although I have worked for many years in collaboration and multi-stakeholder partnership, I was deeply impressed at how the Art of Hosting approach helps us to stay respectful and wise in big meetings of diverse people - hold the space for divergent opinion - long enough and carefully enough for the emergence and ultimately convergence on wise action...

I also feel that this approach could really help us here in India to get beyond the power structures that hold creativity back...

Please get in touch if you have any questions - a full invitation and registration form will follow soon. We are trying to make this as accessible as possible price-wise so still inquiring about how to keep costs at a minimum for people!

In solidarity and love