Finding our calling, supporting eachother through change

Dear Friends and fellow Sulins,

We have some beautiful and timely opportunities coming up in Goa in 2 weeks... At this time of great change, Life is inviting to us to find our unique role and contribution and to come together to explore how we can support eachother to be our most true and radiant and gift that in service to the world we want to create.....

1. A Guided weekend seminar (20 hrs) to find our hearts calling and create "intention circles" to help us stay on track - The FUTURING workshop 4th-6th December in Porvorim, North Goa. (flyer attached)
Bursuries available so money is not an obstacle to participation.

2. Training to be a mentor for those moving into mature adulthood - 4 x half days 2/3/7/8 December, Anjuna North  Goa,

3. Weekend for parents and children (9-12yrs)  11-13th December to spend time together in nature, having fun whilst enhancing and practicing family skills. The weekend is focused on identifying and meeting the child development needs at this stage of their journey. Who and what do I need to find my Owl? Who can support me? Who do I not want to be? What are my needs? What are my "gives&takes". It's not an initiatory experience nor does it try to facilitate deeper emotional processing. It's a playful, interactive, experiential weekend with moments of serious interaction.

All of these experiences are being lead by Stefan Herman, who Tamer and I have invited from Santa Barbara (German-born) to Goa because of the power of his work. He is  the founder of - The Art of being a Village again - supoorting us all to mentor eachother in kinship and loving presence and honouring our truths.

Tamer is setting up the Goa chapter of and we are honoured to be bringing the BoystoMen, MantoMen and GirlstoWomen work to India next year. These programmes are about supporting eachother in circle and through initiatory weekends to be healthy mature Men and Women, rediscovering the value of brotherhood, sisterhood and elderhood in a modern world.

Please get in touch directly with Tamer ( about any of the above events. If anyone has difficulty meeting the financial offering, we are happy to find a way that works for you..

In love and hope

"Nurturing Conscious Evolution"  - supporting eachother through change and co-creating the future we want