Eat Your Spoon

Welcome to Our World of Edible Cutlery

Welcome to the world of ‘edible cutlery’. Now you can use your spoons, sporks or chopsticks and eat them after use. These are ‘Edible’ because they are made of flours. They contain absolutely no chemicals or preservatives and are just flours kneaded with water and are 100% natural products.
BAKEYS’ was established in 2010 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, to provide an alternative to plastic disposable cutlery and the bamboo disposable chopsticks. After much research, we have developed the designs of the product, used it and enhanced it so that the user feels comfortable in all aspects of using cutlery.

We were excited with that and invested in many hours of research, to reach wider markets.

You guys can officially Pre-order your Edible spoons on Ketto. We are looking forward to your love & support. 

Narayana: Let me begin with a quote, the source of which I couldn’t trace, “Change is inevitable. Before this change can overtake and overwhelm us, we should be the instruments of change.”

The idea struck me while I spotted a few people use khakra to pick food served on a flight. Later, I was familiarised with rotis made by Sorghum (Jowar) which are really hard and tough in texture, I had to soak them in dal for a while till it turned softer in order to consume. This pushed me to work on an organic spoon made of food, as an alternative to plastic spoons.