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"The University of Life", formerly known as "School Without Walls" is an open learning and sustainable livelihood center of Syamantak, a voluntary organization working in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. We have recently launched "SWAYAM" India's first Joint Liability of Group of Youth. To nurture the spirit of social entrepreneurship among ambitious interns & self-sustainability of the organization, the concept of Incubation has emerged at Syamantak. 


SWAYAM products are hand-made in small batches from carefully selected raw materials especially the neglected but highly nutritious flowers and fruits of Konkan. The ingredients we use are 100% natural. We say no to any artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. We have launched an in-house made Online-store of SWAYAM.

Your generous support will help our social endeavor at "University of Life"
Please visit http://swayam.cfsites.org

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