Classic 72 Hours Permaculture Design Certificate Curriculum with lots of theory and some hands-on experiences plus Design Exercises in groups.

We are based on this course at the Floatin Boots Farm in Mandrem, North Goa, India.

Topics of the course will include:
History and Definition of Permaculture
Ethics and Principles of Permaculture
Design Methodologies
Patterns in Nature, Culture and Society
Reading the Land – Observation
Land Restoration Techniques
Water Harvesting Techniques
Grey Water Recycling
Natural Building Strategies
Cultivated & Productive ecological Gardens
Food Forests and Plant Guilds
Energy Conservation Technologies & Appropriate Technologies
Integrated Pest Management
Forests and Reforestation
Animal Management in Permaculture
and much more

The course is adapted to a wide variety of learning styles and is presented via lecture, images, video, group discussion, individual and group exercises, and design projects.

The Facilitators:

Roman Eisenkolbl
Roman has been studying and living in Permaculture Projects and Communities for 7 years which brought him to a diverse range of Projects, Countries, Climates, Cultures, and People all over the

He has lived, worked and learned in places like East Africa, India, Nepal, Thailand, the Caribbean, Portugal, and Spain. He was part so far of 13 PDC Courses (Organization & co-Facilitation) and several short courses. He learned from Experts & Pioneers through participating in workshops of David Holmgren,
Rosemary Morrow, Robyn Francis, Ernst Gotsch, Martin Crowford, Larry Korn, Alex Kruger (Berg en Dal Ecovillage), Rico Zook(i-permaculture) and Govinda Sharma (organichasera – Nepal).
He is the founder of the Soil-Sun-Soul Project and Blog. Last 2 years he was living, working and learning in India, Auroville and South East Asia afterward in Australia at the Permaculture Research Institute Maungaraeeda, Sunshine Coast, to deepen his studies.

Now back in Spain most parts of the year to start a regenerative Enterprise and learn more about eco-social design.

He is part of the Permaculture Association UK and at the moment doing his Applied Permaculture Diploma with them.

Kate Curtis:
Kate has been an educator with a strong passion for Nature, Ecology, Languages, Art, and yoga for over 8 years. She spent the last four years “living Permaculture” and re-skilling as a volunteer at various projects, including Gaia School Asia, Pebble Garden and Sapney Farm in India, The Permaculture research institute in Australia and Mas Franch, Spain.

As a co-founder of Soil*Sun*Soul she has organized, assisted and co-facilitated various performed part of the facilitation team at GAIA ashram n 2 residential internships based on EcoVillage Design Education(EDE). She is currently based in Spain where she co-organizes and co-facilitates various courses, practices yoga and meditation, and aims to live simply.

She is enthusiastic and passionate about creating connections, regenerative community solutions, and using Permaculture design as a positive lifestyle tool.
Kate Believes another way is possible!

It is an honor for us to have Antonio Vlatko a long term Permaculture practitioner with many years of experience in the field with us for this course.

Guest Teacher Antonio Vlatko:
Antonio has many many years of experience in the field. He did his Permaculture Design Certificate with Pioneer Max Lindegger in 1984. Afterward, he also completed a Teacher Training with Lea Harrison and Max Lindegger in 1986. In 1992 he taught Permaculture in Tafe NSW, Australia. He worked as a regional land Surveyor for the Soil Conservation Service of NSW AUSTRALIA for 20 years. He was an organic Farm inspector in Australia for 6 years and was involved in its promotion from local to regional state, and Australian level for over 10 years.
​Nowadays he is retired and manages an experimental Permaculture Farm on a Croatian Island.

Venue Information - Floating Boats Farm: 
Floating Boots- conceived as a work in progress, is defined as a collective in constant change and evolution. It is open to everyone who crosses paths in North Goa.

In September 2015 we felt moved to find an abandoned farm on this fragile planet that we could love and care for. We felt inspired by the idea of creating a “Mandala garden” in which we and others could merge with the beauty of Nature. We are dedicated to rejuvenating the farm of “Sadche battle” abounded for the last 35 years in Mandrem, in the spirit of communion and cooperation with the forces of Nature, we hope to make this place sustainable.
This project is a collective creative effort to stand up to the challenges facing us today. Beyond the constraints of cultural or religious dogmas, we persevere in the deepest sense to be One with all of Life.
Our motivation isn't only to have it for ourselves but to co-create a sustainable, balanced community for the future.

Embracing the principles of permaculture as an invaluable guide on this journey of observation and creativity we are gradually learning the art of growing our own vegetables, seed saving, greywater and irrigation systems, composting toilets, eco-building, etc. We feel blessed to have stumbled upon this farmland not only for its natural beauty but also for the local people who have accepted us as a part of their community. We wish to collaborate with them as well in the coming years.
It is a place for those who yearn to drop the habitual pretense, manipulation, and mistrust that divide and alienate human beings from themselves and each other. A community for honest,
trustworthy relationships based on a shared interest in Truth & Evolution.

Cost:  500 Dollar with accommodation and food included
Dates:  10 Feb. to 24 Feb. 2017
Facebook Event:  https://www.facebook.com/events/225938151142084/

Floating Boots: https://www.facebook.com/floatingboots/

All the course information is here: